Last chance to win

Here you can find contests which are closing the next few days. Make sure to enter these quickly because time is running out. Some of the contests give you a very good chance of winning because only few participants have joined. In case of social media giveaways like on Facebook or Instagram you often can see the number of registrations and that can give you a good indication. For others the old rule applies that you can on win it if you are in it. So if in doubt register for as many as you can from this page to be sure of your chance. Keep checking this page so that you never miss a great prize.

When picking the contests to enter it is tempting to go just for the big prizes. You can do that of course but to increase your chances of winning you should not ignore the smaller giveaways. The thing with high value contests is that most people think the same and intuitively go for those. As a result these competitions might get huge numbers of participations. This reduces your own odds of winning because the chance of being selected out of many thousands of participants is not that high. With small giveaways sometimes only very few people actually enters. Experienced giveaway hunters know this and enter these to maximise the likelihood of getting a freebie out of it. Check this page to always see the giveaways that are only open for entry for a few more hours or days. Waste no time and enter before it is too late.
Cars & Motorbikes
Win Make Up and Jewelry Worth Over
Value    $600
Cost    free
Ends  2020-11-01
Fashion, Beauty & Jewelry
Win One Bottle of Chanel Gabrielle Essence Eau de Parfum
Value    $150
Cost    free
Ends  2020-11-01
Win a Hamilton Khaki Field Watch
Value    $200
Cost    free
Ends  2020-11-03
Win a $50 Sephora Gift Card
Value    $100
Cost    free
Ends  2020-11-04
Win a $300 Cash or Amazon Gift Card
Value    $300
Cost    free
Ends  2020-11-06